Leading candidate for New York Attorney General comes out swinging against Donald Trump

Based on the increased desperation and unhinged behavior of Donald Trump, it is likely he is aware that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Trump-Russia treason is getting closer to his inner circle. It is safe to say the next few months will be exciting, culminating with the midterm elections on November 6th. One extremely important election to take place that day, although it is receiving very minimal coverage, will determine the next New York State Attorney General.

As Palmer Report has documented, the New York Attorney General holds a great deal of power when it comes to ensuring Trump faces proper justice for his decades of crimes, including conspiracy against the United States. Any future president will have the power to pardon Trump, or his family members, on federal criminal charges. State level charges, however, are not pardonable by a president.

Prior to trading the promise of reducing sanctions on Russia for assistance in stealing the 2016 election, Trump spent decades committing numerous felonies and running an organized crime organization in New York State. Despite paying several multi-million dollar fines for money laundering crimes, Trump has continued to receive only slaps on the wrist, while avoiding any real criminal punishment. That lack of legitimate punishment is about to change. Current NY AG Barbara Underwood, who was appointed to replace the disgraced Eric Schneiderman, is not running in November. However, some formidable Democratic candidates are.

The Democratic primary for New York Attorney General has recently become a contest of who will promise to most significantly castigate Trump. Tish James, the current Democratic front-runner, stated last week that she should be counted as one of Trump’s greatest fears. “The president of the United States has to worry about three things; Mueller, Cohen, and Tish James. We’re all closing in on him,” James told Yahoo News.

James, a lawyer and activist, is currently the New York City Public Advocate and the first African American woman to hold citywide office. Earlier this week, Emily’s List, a political action committee that works to elect pro-choice female candidates to office, officially endorsed James. She also received the endorsement of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who is also pushing to ensure New York State can take Trump down for his many crimes. Trump’s recent twitter rants calling for the end of the Mueller investigation show how frightened he is about going to prison. With the addition of James to the mix, Trump has a very good reason to be alarmed.

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