Yep, Donald Trump and his family are going to prison

It is now certain that Donald Trump and his entire crime enterprise are going to prison. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has long been working with Special Counsel Robert Mueller to ensure state level indictments against Trump and his family. While these might not seem as important, being lowly state level indictments – as opposed to the federal indictments that Mueller is delivering – they safeguard from any presidential pardons. To put it bluntly, Trump is .

Another person who has put profit over the rule of law in New York, since taking over the family business, is Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner. The recent confirmation that Mueller is looking into another Kushner violation of the law is just icing on the cake. This means that Schneiderman is also aware of crimes that occurred in his state.

Since Trump’s inauguration, AG Schneiderman has filed OVER 100 actions against Trump’s administration or complicit Congressional Republicans. Fearing for their lives, Trump and GOP members have spoken out against Schneiderman, knowing he remains steadfast as a blockade to treason. Trump has even called him “feckless and corrupt,” a “total loser,” a “shakedown artist,” a “lightweight,” “incompetent,” and “the least respected AG in the US,” in an attempt to distract from his own corruption and conspiracy against America.

As evidenced, Donald Trump speaks out against those that could cause him the most political damage. Surprisingly we haven’t heard him mention the New York Attorney General much lately. Schneiderman continues to be a frustration, just outside of the Mueller investigation. Trump’s money laundering and illegal dealings in New York State will continue to remain on his mind, letting him know that his entire family will go to jail despite any pardons he, or any future president, may ever issue.

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