Roger Stone goes berserk after his friend agrees to testify against him

Even as the Paul Manafort trial and Donald Trump’s own deranged tweets have been getting most of the headlines this week in the Trump-Russia scandal, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s big focus behind the scenes has been putting the finishing touches on a grand jury indictment against Roger Stone – which may also include an indictment against Julian Assange. Based on the details that are surfacing, Mueller is near the finish line, and Stone isn’t taking it well.

Roger Stone has been posting increasingly angry Instagram rants in the days since we learned that Robert Mueller was seeking the testimony of Kristin Davis. She’s a friend of Stone, she’s unsuccessfully run for office, and she’s the convicted former head of a prostitution ring, though it’s not fully clear how any of that plays into Mueller’s desire to have her testify against Stone. However, after Davis met with Mueller’s people this week, she’s reportedly agreed to testify. Whatever it is she has to say about Stone, he’s really upset that it’s about to come to light.

Here’s what Stone posted after receiving the news: “Now runaway Special Counsel will interrogate my friend [Kristin Davis] before the Grand Jury. She has no knowledge or evidence of Russian Collusion, WikiLeaks collaboration or any illegal activity. This baseless investigation threatens to bankrupt me and destroy my family.”

Roger Stone is correct in that there is no indication that Kristin Davis has anything to do with Trump-Russia. However, Mueller wouldn’t be bringing her in unless she witnessed Stone doing something that was (allegedly) illegal. Stone has claimed multiple times that the Feds have been asking around about whether he is the father of Davis’ child. There has been no reporting anywhere that Mueller is investigating anything relating to paternity, so it’s unclear why Stone would bring this up, or if he’s even telling the truth. However, Mueller is clearly eager to get Davis to testify about something. We’ll find out soon what it is.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report