No wonder Tucker Carlson was panicking when Matt Gaetz implicated him

On Friday, we learned from Politico that the girl in the Matt Gaetz – Joel Greenberg scandal is now apparently working to take Matt Gaetz down. This should scare the crap out of Gaetz, for obvious reasons. But there’s now another angle Gaetz has to worry about.

That same Politico report from last night also says that Matt Gaetz’s ex-girlfriend is afraid she’ll be charged with obstruction of justice for failing to cooperate against Gaetz.

Notably, this dovetails with a story that Matt Gaetz told on-air on Fox News earlier this month. Gaetz claimed that the Feds were threatening to charge his ex-girlfriend with obstruction. He also claimed that he, his ex-girlfriend, Tucker Carlson, and Carlson’s wife all had dinner together two years ago. Carlson famously responded by insisting he has no idea what Gaetz was even talking about – and then Carlson called it the “weirdest” interview he’s ever done.


Here’s the thing. If the Feds really have been leaning on Matt Gaetz’s ex-girlfriend to flip on him, and if the two of them really did have dinner with Tucker Carlson, then the Feds could indeed end up seeking an interview with Carlson about what was discussed during the dinner. This doesn’t incriminate Carlson, but it could make his life extremely difficult. No wonder Carlson was panicking; Gaetz pointed the Feds right at Carlson and his wife as potentially useful witnesses.

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