No wonder Donald Trump has been so suspiciously silent today

This afternoon, Palmer Report pointed out how curious it was that Donald Trump gave such a subdued pre-Super Bowl interview and then went totally silent for twenty-four hours. We asked aloud if he knew that bad news was about to surface for him. As of right now, Trump has been silent for close to thirty hours, and now we may know why.

This evening Donald Trump got utterly terrible news. Federal prosecutors for the Southern District of New York have subpoenaed the financial records from his inauguration committee, which means they’re about to blow the lid off the whole thing. Trump, his family, and his allies have allegedly used the inauguration as an excuse to take illegal foreign donations, particularly from Russian oligarchs, and to pocket large chunks of the money. This means SDNY is now in position to indict and arrest just about everyone around Trump.

Even worse for Donald Trump, the list of criminal allegations against him and his team have surfaced, ad they’re stunning: conspiracy against the U.S., false statements, mail & wire fraud, money laundering, disclosure violations, & laws prohibiting contributions by foreign nations and in the name of another person.

As per custom, a few days before ABC News and CNN published these bombshells today, they would have contacted Donald Trump’s regime to ask if he wanted to provide comment for the story. This means Trump would have known about this SDNY inauguration news since before his Super Bowl interview, which could explain why he sounded so sullen and defeated, and why he hasn’t thrown a Twitter tantrum since. His next eruption is coming, but it’s notable that for now he’s completely thrown off his game by this news.

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