List emerges of the criminal charges SDNY is bringing against Donald Trump and his family

Earlier this evening, we learned that federal prosecutors for the Southern District of New York have subpoenaed records from Donald Trump’s inauguration committee. This is a big deal because the inauguration was little more than a front for Trump, his family, and his allies taking illegal foreign bribes and then pocketing the money. Now we’re learning about the specific criminal charges that SDNY is planning for those involved.

CNN has now published a list of the crimes being alleged in relation to the subpoena that the SDNY sent to the Trump inauguration committee: “conspiracy against the U.S., false statements, mail & wire fraud, money laundering, disclosure violations, & laws prohibiting contributions by foreign nations and in the name of another person.” This is being reported by CNN correspondent Kara Scannell. Why is this such a big deal? These are, by default, the charges that the SNDY is planning against Donald Trump and his family.

For one thing, back in mid-December of 2018, Palmer Report brought you the story of how Donald Trump made personnel changes to his transition team so he could personally pocket the inauguration donations. This means SDNY is ostensibly targeting Donald Trump himself. Then there was the report from December that Ivanka Trump was caught up in the inauguration scandal.

This SDNY development is notable for two big reasons. For one thing, it’s the first time in which we’ve seen a detailed list of criminal charges surface from federal prosecutors against Donald Trump and his family. This also hints at Robert Mueller’s endgame against Donald Trump: he’s going to have his allies at SDNY bring criminal charges against Trump’s kids as a way of forcing Trump out of office. Stay tuned, as things are moving quickly now.

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