Rudy Giuliani caught up in Donald Trump’s inauguration scandal

Last week Palmer Report pointed to Rudy Giuliani’s prolonged silence, and his curious final words before he vanished, and wondered aloud if Robert Mueller had gotten to him. Now there’s reason to wonder if the SDNY may have gotten to him. Two different Trump-Russia storylines now appear to be part of one big storyline, and it turns out Rudy is at the center of it all.

It all started on January 15th, when Al Jazeera reported that Ukraine-based Kremlin oligarch Pavel Fuchs allegedly threatened violence when he was given what he thought were bad seats for Donald Trump’s inauguration. Wait, why was a Kremlin oligarch even attending Trump’s inauguration? In any case, Fuchs tried to reenter the United States in late 2018, he was detained and deported for unknown reasons. According to Talking Points Memo, Fuchs has a long and close working relationship with Rudy Giuliani. That’s notable, because Rudy went silent just a couple days after the Al Jazeera story surfaced.

That brings us to today’s news that federal prosecutors for the Southern District of New York have subpoenaed the Trump inauguration records. As Palmer Report pointed out earlier this evening, those records will certainly expose financial fraud on Donald Trump’s part, and it might also take Mike Pence down. But now there’s reason to believe that Rudy Giuliani is in trouble as well.

When you consider that Rudy’s favorite Kremlin oligarch also suspiciously attended that inauguration and then got banned from the U.S., it makes Rudy a prime potential SDNY target. No wonder he panicked and went silent. But is he talking to Mueller and/or SDNY, or is he merely hiding under his desk?

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