No wonder Donald Trump has been avoiding appearing on camera

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Donald Trump hasn’t been in total isolation since getting booted from office. In addition to a couple of event speeches, he’s called in to various right wing cable news propaganda shows for interviews. He’s always sounded lost during these interviews. But we couldn’t tell you how he looked, because these were only ever phone interviews, even though he was speaking on television.

We’ve seen photos here and there of Trump looking absolutely terrible at Mar-a-Lago and such. He’s appeared ghastly and disheveled, with bandages on his arms and hands, raising questions about how bad his health is. But were these “bad” photos merely a result of being candid shots in bad lighting after he’d just come off the golf course?

This week Trump answered that question by finally appearing on-camera on Fox News. He was surely attempting to look his best, but he still ended up looking frail and fairly disheveled:

No wonder his handlers have spent the past three months steering him toward merely calling in to cable news shows instead of appearing on them. While Trump didn’t look as bad on Fox News as he’s looked in the candid photos that have recently surfaced of him, it seems obvious that he’s in some kind of collapse.

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