Fox News melts down after Derek Chauvin guilty verdict

Fox News had some interesting responses to Derek Chauvin’s guilty verdict. Greg Gutfeld, co-host of The Five, drew groans from colleagues over his reaction, saying, “I’m glad he was found guilty … even if he wasn’t guilty of all the charges.” He added, with a smile, “My neighborhood was looted. I don’t ever want to go through that again.” Could he have been seriously telling the truth? I doubt it.

Tucker Carlson focused on the fact that the city is still boarded up from the riots, and business owners are apparently still being held hostage by unseen rioters. He seemed sincerely disappointed. He asked his guest, a retired officer, who was going to want to be a cop now? His guest was positive there would still be good cop applicants, and went on to explain how the verdict was just, and police need more training, etc.


Carlson kept interrupting him, asking when are they going to enforce the law? Carlson finally just cut him off and went on to the next guest. She went on a diatribe denying there was systemic racism, and talking about the demoralization of police, none of whom are racist, of course. Carlson liked her. That was all I could take.

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