Tucker Carlson just gave away that an ugly scandal about him is about to surface

Considering what a complete piece of filth Tucker Carlson is, it’s mystifying that he’s managed to survive in cable news for decades. He’s surely spent his entire life doing deranged, horrible things. Sooner or later you’d think that some of it would surface. Now it appears that it has.

It turns out someone has been digging into Tucker Carlson’s time in college, reaching out to the people who knew him best back then. We know this because during his Fox News show tonight, Carlson made a point of spinning an incoherently insane conspiracy theory about who is really behind the digging:

As Daily Beast writer Justin Baragona pointed out in his tweet above, the only reason for Tucker Carlson to even bring this up on air is if he knows that an ugly story is about to surface about his time in college, and he’s already trying to muddy the waters with conspiracies about it.

So thanks, Tucker Carlson, for letting us know that an ugly scandal about you is coming. And thanks, Tucker, for letting us know that we should all be digging into whatever it is that you did in college that was so awful, you’re afraid it’s going to ruin your career decades after the fact.

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