No wonder Donald Trump is losing

There’s a common saying that people get into politics for one of two reasons – either to do something or to be something. It’s been pretty clear which category Donald Trump falls under, from the time he kicked off his campaign in 2016 to his abysmal tenure as president where he’s made it obvious time and again that he couldn’t care less about the people he was elected to serve. Aside from the fact that he’s a narcissistic sociopath and proud of his own ignorance, one of the reasons his 2020 re-election campaign is floundering so poorly is because Donald Trump still hasn’t come up with what he’d accomplish in his second term.

We’ve seen him pressed on this even by staunch pro-Trump interviewers and not give anything that resembles a coherent response. Not only did he foul it up on Sean Hannity’s show the first time, his White House couldn’t even do proper damage control on the answers he gave – and his campaign website still says something about a “Transition to Greatness,” whatever that means, without even bothering to talk about policy specifics.

Now with his support tanking even further, Trump’s staffers thought it would be a good idea to bring back his COVID briefings, even though they made him look like an incompetent clown last time, so he’s decided to make things even worse by using the briefings as you’d expect: a mouthpiece for his re-election campaign, and an opportunity to rant about China and Joe Biden while he’s on television.

Inevitably, he was pressed again during his disastrous Rose Garden conference on Tuesday but had nothing to offer but bluster – even his spokesperson couldn’t give much of an answer when following up, just saying that there’s an ongoing policy process taking place in the White House. Let that sink in – Trump replaced his campaign chair after seeing consistently poor polls, but he’s not really shaking things up lately when it comes to his think tank who have been turning out the same idiotic and racist proposals since he took office. It’s clear he doesn’t know what he’s doing, even when the nation faces a real crisis, and not only does he not know why he should be there, most of his staff doesn’t seem to know either.

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