Michael Cohen just took his big swing at Donald Trump and Bill Barr

When Michael Cohen was taken back to prison earlier this month, he was reportedly told that he could only stay out of prison if he signed a document agreeing not to publish his tell-all book about Donald Trump. At the time, Palmer Report predicted that Cohen would take legal action on the basis that his return to prison was politically motivated.

Sure enough, Rachel Maddow reported on-air tonight that Michael Cohen has filed suit against Donald Trump’s Attorney General Bill Barr, alleging that Barr put Cohen back in prison specifically to try to keep him from publishing his book. Considering how obvious it is what’s going on here, and the fact that there’s apparently a paper trail involved, Cohen has a strong chance of winning.


Of course this isn’t just about whether Michael Cohen remains in prison. He’s already tweeted that his book is essentially finished, and that he expects it to be published in September. Cohen’s handlers can go ahead and publish the book whether he’s locked up at the time or not. And as we’ve seen with Mary Trump, John Bolton, and others, Donald Trump has no ability to magically stop a book from being published.

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