Joe Biden just dropped the hammer

Several days ago we brought you the news that Joe Biden, as the presumptive 2020 Democratic nominee for President, had begun receiving presidential security briefings. This meant that Biden was about to learn what all was going on behind the scenes in terms of foreign election interference.

To the surprise of no one, it turns out Russia is once again looking to meddle in the presidential election. But here’s where it gets interesting. Joe Biden released a hard hitting statement this evening, vowing that if he wins, he’ll harshly punish Russia or any other nation that tried to meddle with the election. Biden is talking about sanctions and other retaliatory measures that could crush the economy of any offending nation.

This is notable because, as the polls currently stand, Joe Biden is very likely to become President. Even if various foreign nations try to meddle in the election on Donald Trump’s behalf, the odds are that it wouldn’t be enough to put Trump over the top.


So now any foreign nation that wants to interfere in the election will have to consider whether it’s worth the risk of trying to meddle in Trump’s favor, failing to alter the outcome, and then having to face the wrath of President Biden. This is a smart approach. It forces pragmatic villains like Vladimir Putin to think about whether it’s worth coming out on the wrong end of that bet – and whether they might be better off simply staying out of it altogether.

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