Nikki Haley just found a bizarre new way to embarrass herself

For all the years-long media hype surrounding her career, Nikki Haley has never really managed to get anywhere. That’s because, as she keeps demonstrating, she’s tone-deaf and has no political savvy.

We saw this on display yet again when Nikki Haley was confronted by a fifteen year old kid who wanted her to answer a question about whether Donald Trump is a threat to democracy. You’d think Haley would know that a question like this is coming and be prepared for it. Instead this happened:

When a kid asks you a predictable yes or no question and you’re so unable to come up with an answer that you can only stand there and fumble it while the kid is escorted away, you’re not meant for the big leagues. Nikki Haley is simply in way over her head and always has been.