New York Post writer resigns over fake story about Kamala Harris

The New York Post, a tabloid newspaper that used to be at least semi-respectable on occasion, spent the Trump era descending into a work of largely fictional propaganda. This became abundantly clear when the Post published a fake story about Hunter Biden that major social networks quickly banned.

Now the NY Post is delving even deeper into the abyss. Over the weekend it published an outright fictional story involving Kamala Harris and the U.S.-Mexico border, which we won’t dignify by linking to it (you can google it if you really want to read it). Today the author of the story, Laura Italiano, resigned from the NY Post and admitted on Twitter that the Harris story was “an incorrect story I was ordered to write and which I failed to push back hard enough against.”

It’s notable that the author of the article isn’t being forced to resign by the New York Post for writing a fake article; she’s resigning of her own accord, in protest, because she’s embarrassed that she went along with the New York Post’s decision to have her write a fake article. In other words, the New York Post really is that just that awful.


As of this moment, the fictional article in question is still visible on the New York Post website. This perhaps shouldn’t be surprising, given that the New York Post is controlled by Rupert Murdoch, the same purveyor of false news who controls Fox News.

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