Fox News is circling the drain

Sometimes in politics, there comes a comment or comments so moronic, one can hardly believe these words were said. And this week, those words came from-where else? Troll TV (Fox News). Relaxing with a coffee, I decided to watch Fox to really get a look at how they brainwash their consumers. I happened to catch a bit of the show “outnumbered.”

The horrible show features a group of people who may like to think their pundits but who are, in reality, propaganda hosts. The hosts on this show today included Harris Faulkner and Kayleigh McEnany (Kayleigh MyEnemy).

These ignorant hosts discussed COVID and how the guidelines given to all of us have been so irritating. In fact, this happy little klan did not even refer to them as guidelines. They called them “infringements.”

As I sat listening, coffee growing cold, nausea rising, I listened to this band of farcical human beings discuss how people are trying to control us with their “infringements” and how deeply that undercuts faith in the vaccines.

Harris Faulkner, in particular, made such a deeply profound statement, it was amazing. Speaking about shopping, she mentioned that there are stores in Tennessee she likes to hit hard with her credit card. Wow. Just what I tuned in to hear!

The Fox TV Trollers should all be fired for all the garbage they spew. Obviously, these people either think they know better than the people of science or realize they know nothing and simply do not care. Either way, I had to turn it off.


Once I did switch it off, my mood instantly improved! But I wonder how any person can get through ten minutes of this, let alone hours and hours. Troll TV is becoming a danger to America with its careless propaganda. Hopefully, their ratings will continue to plunge.

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