How the media blew the Census

Sometimes the media, for whatever reason (usually ratings), hypes a story so much that it leaves people frozen in place. These stories are generally negative and are almost guaranteed to scare the ever-loving heck out of their viewers. One such story is the results of the United States Census.

Since this story hit newsfeeds all over the country, the media has been chattering away about how bad this data is for the Democrats. Why? Well, because Texas gained two Congressional seats.

“Oh no,” cried the media. “This is terrible.” “Now, the Democrats will have to work even harder.” “This could change everything.”

This, my friends, is poppycock.

Yes, Texas did indeed receive two extra seats. But lost in the dismal “Oh No’s” is the fact that the GOP was expecting to get MORE congressional seats in Texas.

Texas is also trending purple. This news is not a terrible unfixable calamity like the media says it is.

There is also the fact that the media has been talking about how much Red States gained in seats and how that shows people are abandoning the coastal states to move down south. Florida and North Carolina both gained seats, so the media is putting out the message that’s terrible news for Democrats too.

What you d not hear in these conversations – at least not much – is that blue states picked up Congressional seats as well. Colorado is getting an additional seat, and for the first time in 40 years, so is Oregon. These two states are blue and bluer.

Among the states that lost seats is New York. And the “whoa is me” is entirely on display from the same pundits mentioned above. But what they neglect to say is that West Virginia also lost a seat. So did Ohio. So did purple Pennsylvania.


I really would like to hear more about those seats and less ruminating on how awful this is for Democrats. Maybe we could all collectively change the channel when the media negativity discussions occur.

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