New York grand jury confirms Donald Trump is facing criminal charges for tax fraud

When a New York grand jury subpoenaed Donald Trump’s tax returns late last year, it meant by definition that the grand jury was in the process of criminally indicting Trump. Since that time, the Manhattan District Attorney has confirmed in various court filings that the charges against Trump will be for financial crimes. This could have meant a few different things; for instance the grand jury could have merely been seeking his tax returns to help confirm the campaign finance fraud he committed in paying off Stormy Daniels.

But now, for the first time, the DA is confirming that Donald Trump is specifically facing criminal charges for tax fraud, according to a lengthy new report this evening from the New York Times. This means Trump isn’t just being targeted for some one-off financial crime that he might be able to worm his way out of. It means his entire financial life has been a crime, as we’ve all long suspected, and that he’s going to be indicted on a wide variety of felonies in New York.

This helps to further underscore that if Donald Trump loses the election, he’s going to prison. Convictions on systemic financial fraud are nearly automatic, and no president can pardon Trump on state charges. This should serve as even more motivation to vote Trump out of office, and to work hard on volunteering and phone banking to make sure Trump gets voted out by an overwhelming margin.

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