This FinCEN scandal is an absolute disaster for Donald Trump

The FinCEN files being reported on by Reuters and the BBC are a catastrophe for Trump. FinCEN is short for Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. Of course, if he wins in November, he will continue to fleece all of us, not just international mobsters, human traffickers and oligarchs. If we get out the blue tsunami, however, the news will be reporting how many times his name pops up in such things as The Panama Papers, etc. Trump is no billionaire. He’s not even a millionaire given his debt ratio and how failed his “deals” are. He’s, of course, a fraud, but he’s also an entirely-owned-by-Russia fraud, a dangerous fraud, a treasonous fraud.

The MAGAts are having their boat parades and car parades; let them. They are the forlorn hope of the Republicans. The South never rose again; neither shall the Right. They hitched their wagon to the Trump Death Star and now the youthful and the righteous are going to annihilate it November 3rd.

In the noise of all the everyday outrages by this administration, it’s still going to be useful to keep an eye on the stock market. Not only was it too high, but the FinCEN revelations are going to tank it. The stock market doesn’t like uncertainty. It soared because it was on the trajectory set by Obama and because of tech. The lack of regulations under Trump were also a boon, but that will end in predictable long-term catastrophe. The stock market doesn’t like asset seizure and that is about to happen according to FinCEN, hence the word “Enforcement.”

All this is another nail in the MAGAt coffin. The erosion has been torturously slow these four years but the earth is finally falling irretrievably away. Trump has the lowest approval rating he’s ever had. With what’s likely to be in the news this week and the “But my 401k” folks watching their stocks tank, the market will be what finally, absolutely, kills off the Trump dream fever. So, wear your mask and count the days to the election. There’ll be a lot of debris to wade through in the next few weeks. Stay safe.

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