Former Robert Mueller aide admits the smoking gun in the Trump-Russia scandal was sitting right under his nose

One of the most utterly inexplicable storylines of the Trump era has been how a fierce and decorated prosecutor like Robert Mueller could spend the first year of his Trump-Russia probe going like gangbusters, busting Trump’s henchmen left and right, only to then spend the second year of the probe doing nothing and then giving up.

Now Mueller’s former right hand man Andrew Weissman is flat out admitting that Robert Mueller was ultimately afraid to do his job, for fear that Trump would fire him. This still doesn’t explain why Mueller, who took down John Gotti and Enron, would end up behaving like such a coward in the end. But Weissman is revealing some some key details about the failed Mueller probe, and they’re pretty damning for both Trump and Mueller.

For instance, Weissman is confirming that the same Trump Organization bank account that sent payments to Stormy Daniels was also used to receive “payments linked to a Russian oligarch.” That’s a smoking gun which proves that Trump was being paid off by Kremlin interests. Mueller had this information during his investigation, and chose to do nothing with it. This is an outrage and a betrayal that could only possibly be excused if Mueller indeed went senile during his probe, as some observers have come to suspect.


Despite this absolute travesty of justice, there may be a silver lining of sorts. After initiating the investigation into the Stormy Daniels payoffs, Mueller ended up referring the case to the Feds at the SDNY, who ultimately brought charges against Michael Cohen over it. This suggests that SDNY has the banking records linking Donald Trump financially to the Kremlin, and that if Trump loses the election, it’ll all come to light. To be clear, this is entirely separate from the ongoing and very public New York state criminal investigation that’s already in the process of indicting Trump.

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