New reelection trouble for Ron DeSantis in Florida

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Have you ever written a message in a bottle? Childhood can be a magical time. We all have our favorite memories and fond remembrances of fun-filled activities. Many children, pure in their beliefs, wildly imaginative in their dreams, would write messages in bottles.

The idea was to write one’s message and throw it out into the whispering tides of the sea. The bottle would be swept away in the seafoam waves — but to whom? That was the question. Who would receive the magical note?

Believe it or not, there are real stories of individuals who DID indeed receive such a message. But as we’ve grown and entered adulthood, we have found different ways to bring forth our messaging.vAnd our message seems to be working where Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is concerned.

DeSantis has seen his favorable numbers plummet to new lows. Do not get me wrong. Many Floridians still like him. But nowhere near as many as before. There are many reasons for this, and they all have to do with the messaging problem DeSantis has. Mr. DeSantis has become Trumpier and Trumpier, which, while possibly pleasing his base, does nothing to bring in NEW voters.

This is the exact problem assolini had, and he wound up losing the 2020 Presidential election. And DeSantis has not helped himself any. He has fiercely fought any attempts to lower the Covid spread by coming out against mandatory vaccinations, masks, and any one of a number of other things — all to please his howling and enraged base.

So we can use this in our messaging. I want to stress — winning Florida will not be easy. Many of you know this and have commented about it. It will be a fight. But I believe we can do it.

I have many friends in Florida who are fed up with DeSantis. I am not alone in this. The loudest voices are not always the majority. And according to numerous reports, DeSantis is in trouble.

So, we need to get our message to the people of Florida. We must use our activism to show the DeSantis dysfunction (I like that phrase!)

There is so much DeSantis dysfunction it would be difficult to know where to start. And we need to let every Floridian know this. If we are successful, Florida can once again be ours for the taking.

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