How Merrick Garland’s DOJ put an end to these phony election “audits”

One thing that Merrick Garland’s DOJ gets no credit for but definitely should: after it began probing the people running the phony Arizona election “audit,” they quickly started backing down. And after the DOJ warned other states not to pull the same stunt, no other phony audits have gained traction in any other states.

This was a legally proper move by the DOJ, because based on major media reports alone, the people running the audit very much appeared to be violating multiple laws. But it was done subtly enough so as not to be seen as partisan retribution by the DOJ.

Will the DOJ end up bringing criminal charges against the people running the phony audit? No idea. With Garland’s DOJ, that’ll come down to whether there’s enough evidence to secure a conviction, as it should. But the point is, the DOJ got them to back off.

Was the Arizona election “audit” as big of a threat to democracy as MSNBC and others claimed? No. Not even close. But you still can’t let that kind of fraudulent activity go unabated. And the DOJ effectively put an end to it.


After the media spent months insisting the phony Arizona audit would cause unspecified “damage,” did these same media folks turn around and give Garland’s DOJ credit for putting an end to it? For the most part, no. Funny how that works. When you successfully pressure the arsonists into putting out their own fire, you don’t get a lot of credit for it.

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