New evidence emerges that a senile Donald Trump isn’t even writing his own social media posts

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As Donald Trump continues to come off as even more confused, weak, and senile in his public appearances, his social media posts have become more aggressively over the top than ever. It’s raised serious questions about whether the dementia-riddled blob at the podium could possibly be crafting such fierce social media posts.

On Friday, Trump announced on Truth Social that he was at his sister’s funeral. But then just a few minutes later, while he was at the funeral, he made Truth Social media posts aggressively defending his legal positions in his trials. Some observers have pointed out the inappropriateness of making such posts while at a funeral. But that misses the point, which is that Trump was obviously not making these posts while he was at the funeral. That just wouldn’t be logistically realistic.

This comes after Trump made a post on Truth Social several weeks ago while he was in the courtroom. He obviously wasn’t furiously typing away at his phone while sitting at the defendant’s table, or else the judge would have noticed and called him out on it.

In both these instances, the funeral and the trial, there are only two possibilities. Either Trump wrote and scheduled these posts in advance, or someone on Trump’s team wrote and posted these posts in his name. So unless you believe that Trump is disciplined enough to write furious social media diatribes and then schedule them for later instead of firing them off immediately like the petulant child he is, then you have to logically conclude that Trump isn’t the one making these posts.

Again, this is a man who now comes off as defeated and confused and often struggles to put two coherent words together during his public appearances. And then these aggressively super-focused social media posts show up in his name, written with a level of coherence that he doesn’t seem capable of, and the posts are sometimes made when he wouldn’t even be available to make them.

It’s time to consider the possibility that everything on Trump’s Truth Social account is being written and posted with little or no input from his dementia-riddled mind. It appears Trump’s handlers are posting increasingly aggressive things on his account in order to distract everyone from how feeble-minded he’s becoming. If that’s the case, everyone needs to be talking about it.

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