Nancy Pelosi just gave Mike Pence a deadline for pulling the plug

No matter how your weekend is going, whether your football team is winning in the playoffs or not, the odds are that you’re having a better weekend than Donald Trump and Mike Pence are. Trump’s presidency and life are in ruins, and Pence is trying to figure out when or if to remove Trump from office via the 25th Amendment.

Now things just got even harder for Pence. It turns out Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has given Pence a deadline of Sunday evening to invoke the 25th Amendment, or else she’ll move forward with impeachment. Right around the time this news surfaced, Pence leaked that he only wants to invoke the 25th if Trump becomes “more unstable” than he already is. There’s no way that Pelosi will see that as a satisfactory answer, so Pence has about sixteen hours to step up.

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