Things are rapidly falling apart between Mike Pence and Donald Trump

Last night Mike Pence leaked to CNN that he would consider invoking the 25th Amendment if Donald Trump becomes “more unstable.” No one found this to be satisfactory, but at least Pence was admitting that Trump is already unstable, and at least Pence is now talking about the 25th Amendment. Pence also leaked to Fox News that he’s disturbed by Trump’s failure to even so much as check up on Pence’s well being during the U.S. Capitol terrorist attack that Trump incited.

Things are clearly falling apart between Pence and Trump. Interestingly, this comes at a time when Trump has been permanently banned from Twitter, and therefore can’t simply start attacking Pence publicly. However, this is for the best, considering the violence that Trump has already incited against Pence.

This came even as Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave Pence a deadline of tonight to invoke the 25th Amendment before she moves ahead with impeachment and everything else in her bag. So now Pence finds himself enduring his hardest day. Either he makes the difficult but morally and constitutionally mandated move of removing Trump from office, or he forever goes down as the guy who sat there and did nothing while the Speaker of the House had to try to do it for him.

We’ll see what happens as the day goes on. There’s a very small, but greater than zero, chance that Mike Pence could be President of the United States by the end of the day – and the crazy part is that most of us now find ourselves rooting for it, even though we hate Mike Pence. We’re just ten days away from President Joe Biden. But at this rate will he be number 46 or number 47?

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