Welcome to Mueller Christmas

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is filing a potentially explosive sentencing memo today about Michael Flynn. He’ll file similar documents about Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort on Friday. He just told Congress that he’s done with the obstruction investigation. He’s got Donald Trump frazzled enough to commit plain-sight felonies on Twitter by the minute. Mueller Christmas, everyone. Here we go.

We still have more questions than answers. Last week we saw Robert Mueller use a Michael Cohen court appearance to expose a big piece of Donald Trump’s role and motivation in the Trump-Russia election conspiracy. Once you start a trend like that, you keep going with it. So what else will Mueller reveal in these three sentencing memos this week when it comes to Trump’s Russia crimes?

What will Robert Mueller do now that he’s tipped off that he’s finished his obstruction investigation? Will Mueller also use legal filings to begin exposing these details? If so, he’ll need to make court filings relating to people who participated in the obstruction. Are there secret plea deals we don’t know about? Are we looking at unsealed indictments and arrests of current and/or former Trump White House advisers?

We still don’t have a timeframe, or even a full roadmap, of how Robert Mueller plans to carry this out. But by now it’s fairly clear, and by the end of this week it’ll be crystal clear, that Mueller isn’t simply going to sit on his hands until Democrats take over the House, and then file a report and go home. He’s bringing the wrecking ball to Trump starting now. Welcome to Mueller Christmas.