Donald Trump’s danger days

Donald Trump wants Michael Cohen to receive a “full and complete sentence” for cooperating with Mueller, but says Roger Stone has “guts” for keeping his mouth shut. These statements are not indicative of a healthy, innocent or even intelligent person. Trump, being his own worst enemy, cannot keep his mouth shut in the midst of an ongoing criminal investigation in which he is a co-conspirator.

Like the gift that keeps on giving, Trump again tries his weary hand at witness intimidation and tampering, as his tweets clearly praise one guy for not breaking under duress and becoming a “rat,” and condemns the other guy who is actually cooperating with a federal investigation like a good American.

We must talk about the utter stupidity of Trump’s statements. If Cohen should receive the full penalty of the law without due process for cooperating with the law, according to Emperor Trump, then what kind of sentence should Trump receive for not cooperating with the law, and also for committing treason? A short and reduced sentence?

Trump is a loudmouth with self-control issues and is basically calling karma a bitch, spitting into the wind and daring the universe to catch him if it can. This is a perfect segue into this week’s news cycle, which promises to be filled with multiple court filings and new information, hopefully resulting in a tightening net around Trump.