Robert Mueller just gave Congress the green light on Donald Trump

For as long as Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been investigating Donald Trump’s Russia scandal, he’s had to coexist with parallel investigations being carried out by congressional entities such as the Senate Intelligence Committee. The challenge, really, has been not to unintentionally step on each other’s toes in a way that could sabotage things for either side. Now we’re learning that Mueller has told Congress that, as of today, there are no more potential conflicts. Wait, what?

According to a source quoted by respected political reporter Michael Isikoff, Mueller and his team have now “basically talked to everybody they want to talk to,” at least when it comes to obstruction of justice. This means Congress has the green light to begin hauling in the obstruction witnesses and have them testify, whether it be in public or in private, and it won’t get in the way of anything Mueller is doing.

There are only two possible explanations for this. The first would be that Mueller has given up on nailing Trump for obstruction, which of course would be ridiculous to the point of impossible. The second would be that Mueller now feels he has Trump nailed on obstruction, and he no longer needs to interview, or even re-interview, the witnesses involved.

This comes even as we’re learning tonight that Robert Mueller is preparing to submit sentencing memos detailing the crimes of Paul Manafort and Micheal Flynn this week, and that both these reports will be public. Mueller is clearly ripping the lid off the Trump-Russia scandal this week – and now he’s revealing that his obstruction of justice case is ready to go as well.