More bad news for Kyrsten Sinema

Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema is having a dreadful week. She is now a pariah, standing virtually alone as she spits on everything she once vowed to fight for. There is more bad news for the Senator.

Emily’s List is a political action committee, and they matter. A lot. They have announced they will no longer support or endorse Sinema for reflection. They warned the Arizona Senator that if she could not find it within herself to support voting rights, she may be all alone come 2024.

Sinema has alienated virtually everybody, but this latest blow must be a bitter pill for her to swallow. Many have speculated on WHY she is behaving the way she is. I disagree with one theory: she plans to leave politics and become a lobbyist.

I respectfully disagree with that theory. Sinema is too ambitious just to become another lobbyist. If she genuinely hated being in the Senate that much, she could just leave now. I do not think that’s it.

Nor do I think she’d find much success as a lobbyist. She might make some money. But the real power is in the Senate. Perhaps the rumors are true, and Senator Sinema really does think she can be President someday. Who knows? I don’t care so much about WHY as I do about changing her mind.


I don’t believe in giving up, and neither should you. Nothing was ever changed by giving up. If everyone gave up, slavery would still exist, and women wouldn’t have the right to vote. Giving up solves nothing. Let’s not do that.

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