Judge has dropped the hammer on Trump Organization over New York Attorney General subpoenas

When New York Attorney General Letitia James began subpoenaing members of the Trump family as part of her probe into the Trump Organization, most of them decided to try to fight those subpoenas. At the time, pundits largely predicted that they would somehow just get away with it all, without consequences. But the law doesn’t work that way. Sure enough, it turns out a judge has already intervened over the Trump family’s unwillingness to cooperate with James’ subpoenas.

Forbes is now reporting that a judge forced the Trump Organization to hire an outside firm, at its own expense, to oversee its own compliance with the New York Attorney General’s subpoenas. The judge first raised this possibility last September, but it went into effect more recently – possibly as recently as January 1st.

This is a big deal because even as the Trump family continues to try to fight the NY Attorney General’s subpoenas, we now know that a court-mandated compliance firm has fairly recently come into place to force the Trump family to cooperate.


More importantly, this tells us that the judge has no intention of just letting the Trump family get away with failing to comply with the New York AG’s subpoenas. So if Trump and his family keep trying to play games, it seems a given that the judge will intervene in a more forceful manner.

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