More bad news today for Ivanka Trump

The bad news for Ivanka Trump this week just keeps getting worse for her. The January 6th Committee has formally asked her to cooperate. If she refuses, she’ll be subpoenaed, then referred for criminal contempt and she’ll face prison time. This is on top of the recent New York Attorney General news.

Earlier this week the New York AG revealed in a civil probe court filing that she has “significant evidence” Ivanka falsified asset values for insurance, loan and tax purposes. The AG also has a criminal probe into the Trumps, so it seems nearly a given Ivanka will be indicted.


Even if Ivanka decides to cooperate with the 1/6 committee to save herself, she’ll have to do it in a way that doesn’t further incriminate her in the NY AG probe. Of course if she wants to ensure she doesn’t go to prison, she’ll have to cut a deal with New York against her dad.

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