Money trail blows Trump Tower meeting with Russia wide open

The truth is coming out, and although it’s still a slow trickle, Suspicious Activity Reports may turn it into a roaring gush. New information is flowing in regarding the Trump Tower meeting, money laundering and Trump’s ties to various Russian mafia characters. Now that Mueller’s team knows what to look for, agents are likely combing the banking documents of all known Trump associates, looking for familiar patterns which may indicate the now emerging pattern of Trump and associates’ illegal actions.

Those “actions” are manipulating the 2016 presidential election, money laundering, and conspiring with a rogue nation. Mueller’s team has already made some damning connections in relation to the meeting that occurred at Trump Tower led by Don Trump Jr. Now we’re learning, thanks to BuzzFeed, that a massive amount of money was moved soon after that meeting, as well as after Trump “won” the election.

Aras Agalarov, an oligarch and real estate developer, is friends with both Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump. Eleven days after the Trump Tower meeting this man had more than $19 million wired from an offshore account, which then went to his son and two of his friends, who attended the Trump Tower meeting. Another $1.2 million was sent to Agalarov’s son, from Russia to New Jersey, soon after the election. The account had not been used since 2015, so a red flag went up when the account became active shortly after Trump’s election.

Perhaps Donald Trump needed a fresh influx of campaign funds and that was the real purpose of the Trump Tower meeting. We know by now that Trump has little issue with hitting up Russian operatives for money. Emin Agalarov, the son, was the one who arranged the Trump Tower “adoption” meeting, and purportedly Emin received a thank-you note from Trump after the election – and the note stated that Trump did not forget his friends. As always, follow the money.