Sean Hannity hits the panic button about Trump-Russia

Fox News host and lying Trump propagandist Sean Hannity announced today on his radio show that he expects Donald Trump to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller and somehow bring the Trump-Russia investigation to an end after Hurricane Florence passes. Disappointingly, but not surprisingly, some major news outlets are taking Hannity seriously. But not only is this an obviously false claim, it also reveals that Hannity worries he’s the one imminently going down.

For the past year, various major media outlets have tried to breathe life into every relatively slow news day by randomly dredging up the notion that Donald Trump is about to fire Robert Mueller and magically end the investigation. What better way to keep people tuned in and boost ratings? Trump’s people are going to cling to that fantasy as tightly as they can, and mainstream Americans are going to be paralyzed with fear by the notion that Trump might be about to get away with it all.

Every single time the media has trotted out this fiction about Trump imminently firing Mueller, it’s ultimately proved to be fiction – as evidenced by the fact that Mueller still has a job. Viewers end up being so relieved, they forget about the fact that the media has once again misled them for the sake of ratings. This time around it’s a little different, because Sean Hannity personally has skin in the game.

Hannity has long been discussing the Trump-Russia scandal privately with Donald Trump, and best anyone can tell, Hannity has been using his Fox News show to push whichever fake storyline Trump wants out there each day. There’s a strong, if not conclusive, legal argument that Hannity has been conspiring with Trump to obstruct justice. That’s before getting to convicted felon Michael Cohen’s assertion that he gave Hannity legal advice, and the odds that the advice in question might have been criminal in nature.

Put another way: if Donald Trump really were secretly planning to try to fire Robert Mueller within the next few days, sure, he might have told Sean Hannity about it. But in turn, Hannity would have the sense to keep it quiet, because publicly blabbing about a secret plan like this would sabotage it. This means Hannity is simply making the whole thing up. Why? The most plausible reason would be that Hannity has become gripped with fear that he’s soon going to get busted by Mueller.

Is Robert Mueller truly investigating Sean Hannity? We don’t have any way of knowing that for sure. But Hannity’s remarks today strongly suggest that he believes he’s under criminal investigation, and that he thinks he needs to hurry up and get Mueller off the stage. Hannity’s words today are either a desperate attempt at talking Trump into pulling the trigger, or a mere delusional fantasy. In any case, Mueller has spread out jurisdiction so thoroughly, Trump would gain little to nothing by trying to fire him – and that’s before getting to whether Trump would even be able to pull it off.