Revealed: Ivanka Trump’s White House meltdown

Donald Trump has thrown so many deranged and infantile tantrums in public, we don’t need Bob Woodward’s book to tell us that he’s had similar meltdowns with his advisers behind closed doors. In contrast, Ivanka Trump has worked hard to craft a public persona on Twitter of being reasonable, mainstream, professional, and a whole lot of other things that we all instinctively know she isn’t. Now it turns out that behind the scenes, Ivanka is every bit as much of a tantrum-throwing baby as her father.

According to Woodward’s book, Ivanka Trump tried to assert herself during a meeting with Steve Bannon. Suffice it to say that Bannon, who has regularly proved in public that he’s a crude jerk, fired back at Ivanka, yelling “You’re nothing but a fucking staffer! You walk around this place and act like you’re in charge, and you’re not. You’re on staff!” So how did Ivanka handle the situation? By having a meltdown of her own.

Woodward says that Ivanka Trump yelled back “I’m not a staffer! I’ll never be a staffer. I’m the first daughter and I’m never going to be a staffer!” In other words, if you’ve imagined Ivanka running around the White House, butting into situations she had no business in, and blatantly throwing around her status as her father’s daughter in order to get her way, you were picturing it correctly all along. In her delusional world, nepotism is more important than having a job, or having any official rank, or anything else.

It never has been entirely clear why Donald Trump forced Steve Bannon out of the White House. There were a number of potential reasons, but none of them were ever confirmed. Now we know that at some point Bannon got into an argument with Ivanka Trump. Is this the reason Donald finally showed him the door? Based on Woodward’s reporting, Ivanka clearly believes that being Donald’s daughter means she’s more important than anyone who holds a real title in the White House.