Whatever is wrong with Mitch McConnell’s health, it’s no longer just his hand

Yesterday we brought you the story of how Mitch McConnell’s hand and wrist have turned dark black in color over the past week and a half. McConnell has been trying to hide his hand in his pocket as much as possible, and when reporters cornered him about it, he refused to address the matter.

This suggested that whatever was wrong with his health, it was bad enough that he’d rather face criticism for not addressing it than admit what’s actually wrong. But now it’s gotten worse. Now McConnell’s lip and mouth have also begun to turn dark blue or black, suggesting a broader health matter.

McConnell is currently up for reelection, he’s in the midst of trying to confirm a Supreme Court nominee, we’re in the midst of a deadly contagious pandemic, and now entire chunks of his body appear to be rotting in front of us – yet he doesn’t seem to think we deserve to know what’s going on.

Perhaps the explanation is innocuous. Just to pick a hypothetical example, if Mitch McConnell had an upper endoscopy exam, he would have had an IV in his hand and a tube down his throat. If he’s simply overly susceptible to bruising, as sometimes happens at his age, it could explain what’s gone wrong. But if that’s all it is, wouldn’t he just say so? His refusal to say what caused the giant bruises suggests that he doesn’t want to say what it was he might have been tested for to begin with. He’s an elected official and he owes the public answers.

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