Looks like Donald Trump is already carrying out his revenge on Lindsey Graham for failing him

In the end, failing villains like Donald Trump always take out their frustrations on their allies, either because they blame those allies for their own downfall, or because those allies have begun trying to save themselves at the failing villain’s expense.

In the case of Lindsey Graham, he’s still remaining remarkably loyal to Donald Trump, considering that 1) Trump is likely to be out of power soon, and 2) Graham’s ongoing allegiance to Trump is in danger of costing him his Senate seat. But even as Graham works to ram through Trump’s Supreme Court pick, Graham is hesitating to hold a sham hearing before the election which would falsely accuse social media giants of conspiring against Trump.

Now Fox host Lou Dobbs is using his show to urge people in South Carolina not to vote for Lindsey Graham, due to Graham’s refusal to hold this hearing. To be clear, Dobbs is a Trump puppet who wouldn’t be doing something like this unless Trump told him to.

So now we’ve got Donald Trump trying to kneecap one of his most cartoonish loyalists, Lindsey Graham, for not being even more loyal. Things usually end badly for Trump’s henchmen, and it looks like Graham isn’t going to be an exception. Even if Graham does narrowly survive reelection, he’ll forever be a pariah due to his association with Trump. But let’s all get behind Democratic candidate Jaime Harrison and make sure Graham loses.

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