It’s way too quiet tonight

Last night’s presidential debate was the final opportunity for either candidate to speak to a massive national audience. This morning Palmer Report pointed out that because Biden won and Trump lost in their last best shot at winning over additional voters, Trump was likely to kick his desperation into hyperdrive.

The thing is, thus far nothing has landed. Biden and Trump both held rallies today and got some TV airtime for their speeches. Trump held a press conference with Netanyahu that didn’t really go anywhere. Trump’s tweets today have mostly been simply whiny in nature.

It’s all too quiet right now. This election cycle certainly isn’t over. There are more headlines coming. Biden and Trump will both find ways to make news. The media will expose new Trump scandals. Whistleblowers will come forward. Surprises will happen.

It’s not clear that any of this upcoming avalanche of noise will have any impact on the standing of the election; to this point virtually nothing has. But the noise will come. It’s just a bit surprising that thus far none of it has landed today. That said, the night is still young. Are we looking at a Friday night news dump tonight after all?

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