Mike Pence hits the panic button over Jennifer Williams’ impeachment testimony

This morning, we told you that Mike Pence was about to have a bad day. His aide Jennifer Williams was going to publicly testify about Donald Trump’s Ukraine scandal, which meant she was going to get asked about Pence’s role in that scandal. Sure enough, the very first question of today’s hearings was about Pence, and the response revealed that Pence is panicking over the testimony.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff used his first question to ask Jennifer Williams about Mike Pence’s phone call with Ukrainian President Zelensky. At this point, Williams’ attorney revealed that Williams can’t publicly discuss the call because Pence has made a point of specifying that the call is classified.

Now why on earth would Mike Pence want to keep the record of his Ukraine phone call classified? The only possible explanation is that the phone call makes Pence look guilty, and he’s trying to bury it. Notably, this comes after Donald Trump tried to take th heat off himself several weeks ago by holding a press conference and repeatedly urging the media to get its hands on the transcript of Pence’s Ukraine phone call.

In any case, Mike Pence’s panic move may not protect him much. Jennifer Williams agreed to provide testimony about Pence’s Ukraine phone call in a closed door hearing, meaning Adam Schiff and other House Democrats are about to find out what Pence is trying to hide. From there it’ll just be a matter of figuring out how to declassify it. Mike Pence has a real problem.

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