Mike Pence is about to have a very bad day today

The House impeachment inquiry is officially into Donald Trump, not Mike Pence. But in what is a first in U.S. history, the current impeachment inquiry centers around a presidential scandal that also happens to directly and corruptly involves the vice president. That’s finally going to come home to roost during today’s hearings.

Colonel Alexander Vindman, who works for Donald Trump, will be publicly testifying this morning. Jennifer Williams, who works for Mike Pence, will be testifying alongside him. They both listened in on Trump’s Ukraine phone call, so they’ll each be able to corroborate the other’s testimony about the call. But based on the transcripts that have been released, we know that Williams will also be asked today about her interactions with Mike Pence after the phone call.

Jennifer Williams will testify today that she made a point of documenting the Trump-Ukraine phone call and putting it in front of Mike Pence, which will help expose Pence as a liar, considering he’s claimed all along that he had no idea what was going on. Trump viciously attacked Williams after the transcript surfaced, and Pence responded by trying to distance himself from Williams – which tells you a lot about how Pence expects today to go for him.

The thing to keep in mind is that Donald Trump’s presidency is on fire right now, and that fire is only set to keep growing worse. Mike Pence is a guy who would inherit the presidency by default is Trump ends up being forced out. But Pence is also standing very close to the flame – and as today goes on, he’s going to feel the heat as well. Today will start to inform us about the prospect of a double ouster.

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