Mike Pence’s scandals spiral out of control

Donald Trump is so busy occupying everyone’s attention with criminal scandal upon racist scandal upon treason scandal upon sexual assault scandal upon incompetence scandal, Mike Pence could probably dress up like Spongebob and do cartwheels on the White House lawn all day, and no one might notice. If you want proof, consider that Pence just had an even stranger week than that, and sure enough, it barely registered.

Remember when the Trump regime announced that Mike Pence’s plane had turned around on the way to New Hampshire, and then announced that Pence never left the White House to begin with? In the midst of his disappearing act, the administration insisted that they wouldn’t be able to tell us what really happened for a couple weeks. When the story finally came out, it involved a former NFL football player turned drug dealer, and as wacky as the whole thing was, we’re still not sure it’s the real story. But that was just the half of it.

Somewhere in there Mike Pence traveled to Colorado where he held a fundraiser, and then he refused to pay the local Sheriff for services rendered at the event – leaving the Sheriff howling mad. Since when does the Vice President of the United States have to swindle a relatively small amount of money from a local Sheriff in order to get by?


So we’re coming off a week where we learned that Vice President Mike Pence nearly held an event at a drug clinic with a drug dealer, and then Pence traveled to the other side of the country where he robbed a Sheriff. In any other administration, these kinds of scandals would be headline news. In the lunatic Trump regime, Pence would have to literally set himself on fire while standing at the White House briefing room podium in order to pull significant attention away from Trump’s scandals.

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