Mike Pence gets caught up in bizarre new scandal

With Donald Trump facing everything from the new House Judiciary Committee impeachment inquiry to the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, one might think that his understudy Mike Pence would find a way to stay out of the headlines. Instead, Pence is busy racking up increasingly bizarre scandals of his own.

First Mike Pence had his little disappearing act, in which the Trump regime couldn’t tell us if Pence’s plane turned around in the middle of a trip to New Hampshire, or if Pence never left the White House to begin with. That whole storyline kept getting stranger, culminating in the arrest of a guy involved with the canceled event on charges of being a drug dealer. It took so long for the Trump regime to get its story straight, we’re left wondering if there’s still more to come. Meanwhile, Pence has gotten himself caught up in a different yet equally idiotic scandal.

Mike Pence recently traveled to Aspen, Colorado. The good news is that this time around, Pence actually made it to his destination, and there were no disappearing acts or drug busts involved. The bad news is that even though Pence netted more than half a million dollars at a fundraiser while he was in town, he skipped out on the $24,000 bill he owed local law enforcement for working the event, to the point that the Sheriff is crying foul.


So there you have it. Mike Pence, who should be lying as low as possible in the faint hope that the presidency somehow falls to him if Donald Trump is ousted, is instead having a near-miss rendezvous with an alleged drug dealer in New Hampshire, and ripping off a local Sheriff in Colorado. Pence is just as corrupt, and just as much of a clown, as Trump.

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