Michael Cohen rips Matt Gaetz to pieces

On Thursday the news broke that the Feds are criminally investigating Matt Gaetz for obstruction of justice, along with the multitude of underlying charges that we already knew about. Gaetz now stands accused of having tried to influence a witness against him.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because it wouldn’t be the first time Matt Gaetz was guilty of witness intimidation. Last time around he did it in plain sight, when he used Twitter to make threats related to Michael Cohen’s family, the night before Cohen’s testimony to Congress.

Michael Cohen was quick to point this out, and to rip Gaetz to pieces, when the news broke:

Meanwhile Matt Gaetz is busy appearing on Newsmax and attacking Dr. Fauci, suggesting he’s not taking the gravity of his own situation seriously. It’s still unclear precisely when the Feds will ask a grand jury to criminally indict Gaetz. But given what keeps coming out, it seems a given that Gaetz will indeed end up being indicted and arrested.

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