Kayleigh McEnany just completely humiliated herself

The game of politics can sometimes be a nasty one. There is no doubt about that. Some people will do and say just about anything to get the spotlight on themselves. Some go further than others. Some still have decency and moral fortitude, even in the crazy world of political theatre. And some are at the opposite end of the spectrum. These are the people who are shameless to the point of caricature.

It’s my opinion that Kayleigh McEnany is one of those people. McEnany (shameless-insurrection party) really seems to have it in for our Vice President, Kamala Harris. This is evidenced by the fact that McEnany cannot seemingly stop lashing out at her.

McEnany went on a rant against her on the Fox News show “Outnumbered.” With her eyes shining, McEnany let loose on the fact that President Biden has tasked Vice President Harris with so many responsibilities and wondered whether Harris was up to the job.

And this is far from her first attack on our VP. The Stepford liar known as McEnany seems to delight in singling Harris out. She has recently been quite vocal in her criticism of certain magazines such as Forbes. The reason for her ire?

Well, the Fox Entertainment kewpie doll is apparently irritated by all the good press Harris is getting. She was upset that Harris was getting credit for propping up small businesses. The agitated Trump sycophant argued that it should, in reality, be Ivanka Trump receiving such attention.

“I don’t remember the term ‘Ivankanomics,’ do you?” she asked bitterly.

McEnany is in no position to talk about women being propped up. This is a woman who supports a misogynistic woman hater and insurrectionist. McEnany supported the big lie and seemingly does not care about anything except for repeating Trump talking points. VP Harris is light years ahead of McEnany in just about every way. Perhaps that is the real reason for the attacks.

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