Michael Cohen on New York criminal case: “If I was Trump, I’d be sweating”

Numerous details have spilled out publicly about the Manhattan District Attorney’s criminal case against Donald Trump. For instance, a grand jury has spent significant time hearing from witnesses, and it also now has Trump’s tax returns. The DA’s office has also met with Michael Cohen at least eight times, meaning he knows better than anyone on the outside how the case is shaping up.

Michael Cohen recently appeared as a guest on a Stephen Colbert-produced show called Tooning Out The News. Cohen’s summation of what he’s seen of the New York criminal case: “If I was Trump, I’d be sweating.”

You can watch Michael Cohen’s full interview here:

No criminal indictments have been publicly handed down from the grand jury as of yet. But based on what’s surfaced thus far, it appears prosecutors are zeroing in on indicting Donald Trump for falsifying the values of his New York properties in order to fraudulently obtain loans and other financial crimes.

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