Former federal prosecutor: the Feds likely already had Rudy Giuliani’s records, and today’s raid was about something more

When the news broke that the Feds raided Rudy Giuliani’s home this morning and seized all of his electronic communications and devices, Palmer Report wrote that it was likely the Feds already had copies of these communications from external sources, and that the raid was more about letting Rudy know he’s screwed enough to need to cut a plea deal and/or trying to catch Rudy in the act of obstruction.

Now a legal expert agrees with our assessment. Former Assistant U.S. Attorney Daniel Goldman is tweeting this: “I would bet a lot of $$ that the SDNY already obtained Giuliani’s emails pursuant to search warrants, which helped provide probable cause to get these search warrants. They would have sent preservation requests to service providers so he could not erase his emails.”

Goldman also pointed out that the Feds would have to show probable cause of Rudy Giuliani’s crimes just to obtain the kind of warrant that was carried about today. That means they already have the evidence they need against him. In other words, today’s raid wasn’t really necessarily so much about obtaining new evidence against Giuliani, as it was about an endgame to make Rudy understand that it’s time to fold.

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