Melania Trump just got sold out

It’s exceedingly rare that I write about Melania Trump these days because, well, why would I write about her? She’s simply no longer relevant in almost anything she says or does. But there was one development yesterday that’s notable not so much because it involves Melania, but because it’s yet another example of what happens to rats on a sinking ship.

If you’re not exactly sure what Stephanie Grisham did in the Trump White House, that’s because she never really did whatever it was she was supposed to be doing. For instance, she was White House Press Secretary for a good amount of time, but never held a single press briefing. Mostly she worked for Melania Trump, doing everything she could to cover for Melania’s inherent crappiness.

So you’d expect Grisham to remain personally loyal to Melania to the end, right? After all, her entire Trump White House career was based on her personal loyalty to Melania. But no, that’s not how anything works when it comes to terrible people.

With Donald and Melania Trump now both out of a job, it seems Stephanie Grisham has also found that her career viability in politics is at an end. So she’s doing what crappy political figures do when their viability is over: they cash out with a lucrative book deal. And in Grisham’s case, she’s cashing out at Melania’s expense.

In her upcoming book, Stephanie Grisham reportedly says that when the January 6th Capitol attack was happening, she texted Melania and asked her if she wanted to put out a statement condemning the criminality and violence. Melania’s response: “No.”

Why should we care about this? It serves to underscore what a terrible and pathetic person Melania Trump is – but we already knew that. The real story here is that yet another Trump underling is selfishly selling out the Trumps, now that it’s obvious to everyone involved that Team Trump has no future anyway. The ship is sinking, and the rats are eating each other.

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