FEC tells Republicans to take a hike

Do you ever feel a kind of awe at the power of the internet? Awe, but also dread. I do. It is a wonderful thing, the internet. But as wonderful an invention as it is, the internet can also do so much harm. Every day, from all over the world, millions of people log on. People in different time zones, from all parts of the world, can reach each other and share stories about their lives and the things that matter to them.

And the buzz never stops. Even as we sleep, the internet pulses with life. All over, from the United States to places beyond, strangers are meeting, sometimes in the dead of night, sometimes to talk and laugh and have an exchange of ideas. And sometimes to unleash fury.

One thing the mystery of the internet has done is encourage people. Many individuals become other people as soon as they log on. It’s simultaneously frightening and fascinating. And now a certain group of people are about to go through some things. Those things are yet more anger and fury. This all has to do with Hunter Biden.

I’d prefer never to mention his name because the GOP has slammed the poor guy for so long, I do feel for him. But what I have now is good news. Republicans, in their never-ending quest to keep the Hunter story alive, had filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission about the President’s son. They claimed that Twitter suppressed a story on Hunter.

This is, of course, ridiculous, but that word seems to go effortlessly with the GOP. But now, in news sure to cause much anguish to the insurrection party, the Election Commission has dismissed the complaint.


Per the New York Times, the Commission said the non-release of the article was not a political decision. So be prepared for outpourings of rage all over the internet. It was a good call by the Commission. Maybe Hunter Biden will be left alone, although knowing the GOP, I highly doubt it.

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