The lunacy just got even deadlier

Yet another person has died because of ICU beds largely being taken by those suffering from COVID-19. Ray DeMonia of Cullman, Alabama died on September 1, 2021 after suffering a cardiac condition. He wound up needing more specialized care than what the local hospital could provide for him. Medical staff checked with 43 different hospitals in three states before finding one in Meridian, Mississippi that could take care of Mr. DeMonia. This is another case where a delay in care due to most ICU beds being full of COVID patients cost an individual his life. Many of whom probably were all full of excuses why they didn’t get the vaccine or take percautions.

In his obituary Mr. DeMonia’s family has pleaded with people to get vaccinated. The family said, “In honor of Ray, please get vaccinated if you have not, in an effort to free up resources for non COVID related emergencies” and that Mr. DeMonia would not want other families to go through what his did in his final hours on Earth.


There has been so much death and suffering over these past 18 months. More Americans have died from COVID than all the American military dead in World War I and II combined. It’s sickening how much of that could have been prevented had we tried to contain COVID in the first place and how the GQP continues to sabotage the response to the pandemic in order to appease the former guy. What’s really angering is that Mr. DeMonia will not be the last person to die in this country due to nearly all the ICU beds being full of COVID patients, and that nothing we say or do seems to convince Branch Trumpvidians of the need to buckle down and defeat this thing.

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