Donald and Melania Trump spending time apart after Stormy Daniels interview

With Donald Trump’s affairs becoming more scandalous by the day, and with Melania Trump increasingly acting out accordingly, observers have begun to ask when or if she might simply abandon him. Now it turns out she’s about to do precisely that – for a week, at least.

Donald and Melania Trump are both at Mar-a-Lago this weekend, even after she made a point of departing the White House separately from him yesterday. But this weekend will be the end of things for awhile, as Donald is set to head back to Washington DC on Sunday evening, while Melania and Barron are planning to remain at Mar-a-Lago for the week, according to an ABC News report (link). That same report quotes the White House as insisting that this was pre-scheduled and that it’s not a result of any scandals. But there’s no getting around the fact that this is taking place just as the Stormy Daniels interview is set to air on 60 Minutes.

Moreover, the explanation being offered by the White House doesn’t make any sense. Here’s how Melania’s spokesperson is explaining it: “She will be staying here for spring break with her son, as per tradition.” (link) The trouble: there is no “tradition” here. During Barron’s spring break in 2017, he and Melania were still living in New York City, not with Donald at the White House. Prior to that, Donald was in New York City. In other words, this is the first time Melania has used spring break as an excuse to get herself and her son away from Donald’s White House for a week.

Keep in mind that while Melania Trump has surely known about the Stormy Daniels affair for quite some time, as it has been a poorly kept secret for years, she didn’t begin snubbing Donald until the affair recently hit the headlines. Presumably, the public humiliation is what’s driving her current anger. So it makes sense that, even as Stormy Daniels is set to make things even more humiliating on national television, she’s planning to spend the following week as far away from Donald as possible. The question, of course, is what Melania will do at the end of that week.

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