Donald Trump resorts to yet another desperate all caps plea

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There was “NO COLLUSION!” There was his famously desperate plea for his allies to “DO SOMETHING” to save him from his worsening criminal scandals. There was his twenty-nine word tweet, every bit of it in all caps, falsely announcing that he’d been exonerated in his Trump-Russia scandal. Donald Trump has made an art form out of using capital letters to reveal his frantic desperation as everything falls apart for him. Now he’s at it again.

This time around Trump has resorted to a desperate all caps plea in his fundraising email to supporters. Trump sent out a message with a subject line that simply read “I NEED ALLIES” on Saturday. In fairness, fundraising letters do tend to be a bit on the hyperbolic and needy side in general. But in this instance Trump, or whoever penned this email on his behalf, didn’t appear to realize that shouting about his need for allies was an admission that he doesn’t have any.

The email went on to ask Trump’s supporters to take a survey which asked questions such as whether they felt they had enough input in choosing the candidates, and whether “principles” or “electability” was more important to them in a candidate. This was clearly a push for giving Trump greater control over Republican candidates in the Congressional elections in November. As such his “I NEED ALLIES” header was an admission that he doesn’t even have enough Republican allies in Congress.


Donald Trump has been in office for sixteen months. Even as the Republicans in Congress refuse to rein in his destructive behaior or impeach him for his various crimes, they still seem largely afraid to stand behind him too loudly, for fear his toxic unpopularity will rub off on them. His party keeps losing special elections it’s supposed to win, and it loses those elections even worse when he tries to get involved. No wonder he’s desperately yelling in all caps.

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